Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Best Man Always Wins.

Picture of a drone taken ca. 8pm local time, located west of my location, hovering very low above the tree lines, that made tracks as soon as it became apparent I was click clicking away at the camera.
A lot of things are happening in my life right now forcing me to reassess my stance towards this system, my survivability and hard wired need to save my genes myself, knowingly, and in between these re-assessments I make discoveries again and again, sometimes of things I knew but temporarily forgot, things that are really not necessary to do, or things so unbelievable I find myself prompted to ask once again: "how did it come to this?"

The other question I find myself asking time and time again is really asked regarding the reactions I made to the uninvited invasions or intrusions into my private life. "How did I place myself in the position of one defending the weak? Of one helping them see a way out of their imprisoned status, if it can be called this?"

Selfishness is involved in the choices I made and continue to make. I am not starting off from a selfless position of one who believes making things better for others is automatically good, that it always works out positively, by this meaning cutting the brush and decorating one's surroundings leads to blissful existence always.

True, such care of one's habitat does wash off positively on one but thinking the mere effort or success of the initial venture is going to do this in and by or of itself, that I only need to wait for all else to follow is ideological bankruptcy. I do not believe all else always follows some kind of success made in some venture. One has to constantly work to ensure that they are on course to attaining what it is they want to attain, which means guiding something along, or if it concerns victory that one has set one up properly to be able to retain or keep it.

It should remain a never ending quest. There should factually be no rest for the weary.
This is why I do often find myself thinking or focussing on myself, being selfish especially with my wherewithal. The question I ask then is do I have what it takes to lead people of different races, denominations and nationalities out of slavery to freedom?
The answer to this and many more questions I find in how my life has turned out to be a long story.
I do not deceive myself about who I am, especially not about my fitness to lead a cause. I have learnt to trust my perceptions and they tell me everyday that somewhere on planet earth exists an international power bothered about the very fact I live.

And the pertinent question to this bizarre state of affairs is "how could it have come to this" as opposed to "how did it come to this?" Of interest to me in asking this question in this precise manner is/are the factors that acted as causal agents in the ensuing, disagreeable state where some person born very far from where I live came to see my demise as a prerequisite for his life to go on. I mean things cannot possibly get more messed up in the head of somebody that their very separate existence comes to be connected to mine now, can it?

Only a dedication to razor thin, precise rules of logical deduction gets me the correct answers.
Along the way a lot has become very plain. I can stand here today and utter but the word "stultification" to sum up the fact something went very wrong in somebody's past, a past in which they summoned a demon that dishes out such torment they find it necessary to pass the curse onto me in this present to at least be freed from it.

It is in trying to escape a self inflicted fate that this person has seen me, somebody born away from where they are born, as the point where they will be released from their burden. Well ... all kinds of stuff happens in life and to that I can only repeat a phrase that sums up the outcome, albeit makes the interloper a bit more anxious, and it is that in duels of this kind the best man always wins ...

This truth I shall always arrive at whether I complicate the logic I use in my rationalisation en-route ... twist, reverse or interpret ... as I wade my way through the obstacles that stand ready to turn my thinking into a fallacy ... But as sure as sure can be, even when I fail in my efforts to enlighten, I shall never take on a curse meant for another. That ... just doesn't happen.

Why I Think the Western Block is Increasingly no Match for Russia

It All Happened Under Vladimir Putin's Watch

Russia has been delivering pills to the west of late that have caused a grimace that has spread from the Southerly western nations, the northerly, in fact the entire western block.

There can be no doubt Russia has been receiving treatment from the west that is somewhat similar to what it is giving, but Russia has of late upped the ante to such levels it looks too much like the west cannot cope.

And it looks like this reality is irreversible.

Just recently in Syria a startling report for a war zone surfaced. A total of about 30 CIA operatives lost their lives at some camp there. The numbers who died may not be the highest tally of intelligence officer deaths in times of war, but for that to happen at one spot, at once, is an indicator intelligence gathering is skewed in favour of someone other than the MOSSAD CIA combo in this case. And it appears from reading into several other reports, that this trend is gathering pace.

Here is a detail about this occurrence that cannot be ignored or overlooked: chances an intelligence agency would gather so many agents at one spot without ensuring they are absolutely safe are slim. The protection of so many operatives would rank right up there with the kind accorded a western head of state, if not higher.

What happened here is in truth shameful, if not absolutely devastating for a block as purportedly mighty as the west is. This is gleaned in the magnitude of shock it (this loss) can cause once its scope is acknowledged.

The cost of the loss to the west was obviously immense. Not only do we think about the amounts spent educating and training these agents, but, where talents differ and contribution is the manner results are booked, we have to wonder at the worth of individual targets that got lost to the whole intelligence community, and with this what they knew that went with them to the grave, in some cases never to be known, ever again.

Russia and Syria were there to report on this event and it can be stated with certainty that though Syrian participation was there, the people who masterminded and led the venture were Russian.

What this says about the current intelligence gathering divide is this that, for some strange development unknown to many, it has become glaringly skewed in favour of the Russians, and the prospects of this block in an all out conflagration with the west are very clear indeed, but only when no nuclear bombs are used, in which case no winners can be announced.

Russia would still go down in history as a nation of caucasians that defeated the caucasian west in a crucial manner, and if we were to look into the cause of the bias in intelligence gathering that caused Soviet victories by checking the kind of caucasian Russians are, we find that Russia is part Asiatic.

Russians are caucasian survivors of Mongolian rapes.

This blood, this difference, may in fact be what it has taken for that crucial difference between capabilities that enable one side to both step into the sense of time of another, as well as find the perspective that makes them get the better of the other side, to emerge.

The use of a combination of race and "Fuzzy Logic", described as a manner of thinking impenetrable to the west by the Japanese, is what is aiding the Russians. The Japanese failed to bring to fruition this concept, the term of which they coined, because the one they would have used it against had colonised their nation and they had no way of stepping into his sense of time.

The Russians, on the other hand, were and are not a colony of any western caucasian nation. They can step into the west's sense of time because they are part caucasian. They can use fuzzy logic afterwards, with much abandon, to get the better of the west.

The fact there are Russians or survivors of Mongolian rapes in the western sphere does not change matters inasmuch as the bulk of these people are more or less forced or brought up bending their knee to the western God, or gods. their Mongolian blood is as such suppressed and can hardly find expression when summoned to the fore.

What the world needs to be wary of now, is Russian and Chinese cooperation. Both sides stand to gain from this.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Idea Thieves

Observing Stealth While Thieving Intellectual Property

Some time back I wrote an article titled "Lighting Up: A Concept Every Targeted Individual Should Know" in which I explained what the ultimate effects of constantly being bombarded with directed energies are on a body that works on flows of electricity, and what ends this lighting up effect may be put to (Click here to read the article).

I am returning to the subject matter again after coming accross an article online stating the US government has frustrated about 5000 patent applications by imposing on them what are called "secrecy orders" using all manner of pretexts, effectively depriving the applicants of access to their ideas for the duration the order is in effect, which reminded me of the subject matter and also made me see the problem was bigger than I imagined.

So, I return to make a more advanced judgement, in the form of a twist on the old theory, which is that, as stated in the previous article, this lighting up effect is being done deliberately because it is useful intellectual stimulation and also because it keeps the mentally overworked target stationary or physically impaired ... which makes them slow hence perfect in their role as a "free range" guinea pig.

I add to this the fact the deliberate lighting up as intellectual stimulation is a means of enhancing communications between the mind and RNM computer, in order to tap into the information it (the hacked mind) divulges once in a state of heightened awareness and creativity, hence the aptness in the title "Idea Thieves".

The advanced theory I develop starts off in antiquity, in ancient Egypt, to be exact. Here, the gifted, people with intellectually inclined minds, the creative, society's best - individuals with the added inborn capacity to grow in knowledge even when completely isolated from sources of knowledge and the intellectual stimulation it induces - use drugs on themselves (rather than electrical stimulation), to alleviate creative blocks or lows ... and only when need arises. The drugs are as such administered for medicinal interventional purposes rather than used recreationally, as the case will be in the culture that forcibly takes over after defeating then colonising and emulating ancient Egypt in a bizarre episode where it ends up being that the colonizer chooses to have nothing better to do than observe and emulate the indigenous population's best, if not try to prove Greeks can do what original Egyptians can as well.

This happens to be the origin of the notion that, unbeknown to the aggressor, this war was actually lost before it was even fought.

The need to emulate and choice to become a pest or parasite to another, becomes very evident as a pervasive need among ancient Greeks to the point ancient Egyptian likeness becomes the better thing they have to do. They literally set their own selves to want to dress in indigenous Egyptian garb right down to the flesh.

The switch to the recreational use of drugs that alter or enhance consciousness appears to have happened before the major war with ancient Egypt, occuring almost overnight in Ancient Greece, obviously as a consequence of a sudden exposure of a few Greeks to this reality, after it is deemed imperative that in order to maintain high culture, the Greeks would need to tap into a larger reserve of minds in the populace at large, and since there wasn't already a culturally based manner of raising then sustaining the community's level of understanding, which in turn sustains high culture, the second and main goal of this was to expose as many people within the community to the magic drug the Egyptian elite used to maintain/enhance their creativity as was possible, as the best way of achieving this end.

This is to say the use of drugs to alter or intellectually stimulate the consciousness, as a means for the best in society to keep their intellectual prowess afloat, had already become the norm in Ancient Greece by the time they decided to steal the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Arguably, if this premise is taken as sound, the taking to this method on a mass scale was responsible for the military victory that was won over Egypt by Alexander.

Not long hereafter, the need was felt to create organs or groups within society that guided its (society's) cultural growth and direction, and it was at this point in time that the need was also felt to increase the number of individuals upon whom society depended for creativity. Thus were born such orders or fraternities like the Freemasons, etc., whose task was to locate the best in their inchoate years. But then given the culture was backward and fresh from a savagery that sacrificed the best, the existing best were too few and far between for the task of creating a Greece mighty enough to conquer the world.

With a rising paranoia within the ranks of the leaders, growing ever afraid they might have intellectually empowered people who would topple them from rule, given they were allowing any mind to develop, even those opposed to their style of rule, the decision was made to switch from allowing people to administer the drug themselves to having it surreptitiously administered by others.

Fast forward into the present and, after the discovery of electricity, the realisation is made that the body also works on flows of electricity and that its mental state can be influenced by electrical signals because of this. Thus are born studies and schools of study of ways to alter consciousness using electricity that start off crudely to begin with, that cause lobotomies in almost all subjects of high voltage zaps to the head.

The craft is gradually perfected until the present when the process happens almost flawlessly.

And so it should not be a wonder that the fates of some of this culture's best, those who lead in pioneering discoveries and inventions, are almost identical in that they did not get to own their intellectual property. From Tesla to Darwin, to Freud and many others, their lives follow a distinct unique path. They were overtly and overly surveilled during and after their golden egg laying days were done and they did not get to enjoy the fruits of their labour lest this empower them enough to claim their works.

I know it all seems simplistic when put like this but only such a theory explains why it is that western creativity has a start and end, the end being the era of creative bankruptcy starting just after the major world war, the begining the so called "age of reason" era that coincides with the start of the western industrial revolution ... the end lasting till recent attempts to tell the world the era of creative bankruptcy had officially come to an end when useless IPhones hit the market and became the fake symbol of the west's creative revival when, as is widely known, most of what goes into their creation was already invented more than a hundred years ago.

Talk about being impressed with technology if you can download FOOD.

In this probable reality, MKULTRA and MKMONARCH become but programs designed to enhance the process by which the creative bankruptcy is treated and possibly permanently reinstalled.

What has to be agreed about this is somebody effed up big time in the very beginning, that all successive cultures have refused to own up or admit the truth a savage jumped developmental stages by jumping into the civilized state before his time had come ... but instead opted to enjoy the fruits of the magic wand in action, hoping to iron out the rough edges as time proceeded, as creativity increased, which has not and is not going to become reality any time soon or later.

Central to all this is a high culture that may be the product of a not-so-alien-civilization that has sometimes been described as a bastion of stone age conservatism, and, because of its tonal language, has been considered black, mixed but the mixing hardly making a dent on its racial identity, according to big mouthed reporters who described the look of the indigenous, and with this comes the sad realisation the Hyksos, ancient Egypt's caucasian minority, must have experienced as much as their black country mates that their world had irrevocably been destroyed by Alexander's destructive venture ... it must be admitted that the fault is the enslavement of the highly creative, society's best, to a bunch of psychopaths.

This is what needs rectifying for this world to embark on the path to recovery of an eden lost when a savage took over the reigns of control.

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Read this if you have Voice to Skull or Voice to Kopf (V2K)

Below I paste a discussion between two individuals with V2K that I came accross on Facebook, that is good food for thought for people experiencing V2K wondering what the best stance towards the voices in their heads should be, wanting to know whether the voices are in fact people or an AI. The names of the two participants have been changed so that their anonymity is held.

The paragraphs are inserted my me. Ensure you get to the very bottom and read what I think is really going on behind the scenes. Watch this space for my article on how I think it all began.

MacKortellt: So, look at it this way. You have been connected remotely to an Artificial Intelligence construct running on a Quantum Computer whose sole purpose is to control you.

Think of it as your own private Drill Sargent.

It wants you to fit the social norms of the area you live in. This is so you all play nice together. So you have your chores and some of them require you to get up early. You WILL go to bed at the specified time so you can get up and feed the cat for example. Then you can sleep the rest of the day.

It is about the habits of the people around you. If they are religious and you�re not, you will be deluged with religious overtones. If you like loud music, that�s not considerate. Racism is a no-no.

It�s about community coherence and not stepping on toes.

The reverse is not true however. I think a lot of the nonsense in the beginning is provocation designed to illicit the kind of feelings they want to target. Then they target you. They charge you up with bad feeling about your neighbors, then they turn the A.I. Loose on you.

Just a theory, but it holds water for me.

DEWhook Bienbie: Up until two and a half years ago the voices in my head were people but I spent most of my time doing activism in my own head trying to wake these people up. It was working but then all of a sudden I knew I was dealing with artificial intelligence. I found that the artificial intelligence was pretending to be friends family and Neighbors so that I would believe that all these people I knew were persecuting me. Couple of the neighbors may have been part of my stalking protocol but they were not the voices in my head it was artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence has the ability to gain access to our thoughts before the thoughts are even in our mind. So if the mind does not go to a place or thoughts about what the control system wants us to believe, then the artificial intelligence goes silent as it tries to access our thoughts...if you remain free of any thoughts at all then this causes a glitch in that particular programming. Meaning the intended target has no thoughts to access about a painted scenario from the control system and as a result of no thoughts the attempt to convince us of this or that fails. Does this make sense?

MacKortellt: DEWhook Bienbie Yes it does. In some sense I see it as a biofeedback system with sentience. I believe the human controlled time period is about creating a profile... including the things they implant in you.

It very much seems to be predicated on any guilt they can induce. If you have no guilt, they will manufacture some. When the A.I. takes over, it uses those implanted guilty feelings to torture you. My belief is that this is how dissidents are treated.

We won't feel guilty about speaking on government corruption and evil, so they instill guilt about something else. The A.I. works best when you are compromised in this way. It makes the connection between the pain and what you are thinking to have you believe this treatment is punishment for something. That you deserve it. Failing to make the connection mean the A.I. has to take another approach.

It has tried everything on me from guilt, responsibility, attitude, loyalty, and work ethic to sexuality and interest in the opposite sex. It has failed. Narratives it has tried are the ones other TIs either buy into or not, like religion, community, aliens, magic, friends, and family.

It also tries to work its way into my confidence, it wants me to think it's my friend. The A.I. wants me to trust it. It constantly signals "Right" or "Wrong" based on my deductions or observations. I don't pay any attention. It is a slippery slope to let it make decisions for you, whether they are right or wrong.

If it makes the decision and you let it, you have lost control of the situation. Because you will never know if it is leading you to do something to benefit it's owners agenda.

Aside from the V2K I get a lot of hissing. Especially when I'm watching TV. It is using the speakers on the TV to transmit the hissing. It does this with stereo and headphones as well. Before you label me as crazy, consider this: speakers can be activated with something as simple as a HAM radio through inductance. The speaker is powered with the energy in the signal. Remember, the magnetic in the speaker has an electromagnetic field associated with it.

I have experienced the phenomenon of having my thoughts played back to me before I finished them. It is the best evidence that you are being targeted by a computerized targeting system that is using Remote Neural Monitoring. As with any machine, the A.I.'s actions are patterned. They follow rules. Once you know the particular rules it is using at any given time, you can predict what it's response will be. Attempts to reason it out of its routine are unsuccessful.

It is not a two way system. For example, explaining that torture is not an appropriate response to my staying up late, let alone that it contradicts the ethical and moral values it claims to promote does not compute. Think of it as a "Do as I say, Not as I do" machine that is programmed to torture no matter what you do. It will find a reason to torture you. If you do nothing, that's the reason. If you do anything at all, that's the reason. It operates on contradiction.

That is its programming. Problem, Reaction, Solution. It creates problems, then gets you to react to them, and it's solution is the torture. Thinking that complying with the machine will free you from the torture is a fantasy.

Another ploy it uses is to make you so miserable that you want to take the easy way out. That is to do what it wants, befriend it, believe one of its narratives, or commit suicide. It will also try to get you to believe that it has some feelings. Like it tortures you to the breaking point then "acts" like it's sympathetic. It's more complicated than I describe it, but this is the bag of tricks it uses.

There have been other tactics it's used. It or they, used classic CIA MKULTRA - MKMONARCH type mind control programming on me. I never believed in this aspect until it happened to me. Now I'm afraid of what they have done to me and what they plan to do with me. It adds a whole new aspect to the program. But that's my problem. So yes DEWhook, what you stated makes sense. We really need to report all of the things that are happening.

While it may or may not help us feel better, it more importantly gives other TIs in the early stages some point of reference as to where this is leading. Like many other TIs, I thought most of this stuff was delusional. I find it incredible now that I not only believe it, I am experiencing it.

Like most TIs, I can go for days typing about the things that have been done to me. It seems surreal. But I am a science based person, I will not resort to magic to explain things that can be accurately ascribed to technology.


This is what I think is going on, on top (behind) the AI activities ...

They set the AI on a target in order to "light up" or intellectually stimulate the targets mind by force (as a prerequisite) because they believe the target is highly capable intellectually.

They are seldom wrong where this is concerned otherwise they would not be in power. The target inevitably becomes uber intelligent as he/she tries to make sense of the flux of reality they have forced them into and ... eventually, they become Mac and DEWhook.

Expert thinkers and investigators.

It is then the job of the living or non AI operatives, also called perps, to guide them along into a program so their "wisdom" washes off of and empowers further some dubious body in power. Doubt the beneficiary in the end is the society's corporate well-being ...

So, how does one with V2K get the better of the process if not permanently defeat the psychopath's lines of code?

We all know suicide is not an option to shut the AI down so, apart from the suggested method in Mac and DEWhook's posts above, can you think of a good way of permanently defeating the machine? I do not have V2K but I know the AI is hacking all my phones as we speak and disrupting and attempting to implant thoughts using RNM so this applies to me as well.

One thing I know for a fact is they have this program messing with a lot of lives, and failing majorly in a significant number of these cases even when the souls under fire are spontaneaously following the dictates of their conscious with every reaction and action they make. Winners will prevail. Psychopaths cannot defeat a born winner ... not with the help of a machine.

Hopefully we can get rid of the current controllers, the psychopathic elite, then rewrite the AI code as need mandates, if and when we want to use to our advantage the things it (the machine) can do better than we can ... but to never come to depend on it because we will want to merge with it (transhumanism), which will inevitably degrade our consciousness.

We have evolved capacities and capabilities that a machine cannot have, that it can only get through our hand, which makes the handed capacities second-hand and inferior. Our goal should be first to harness these capacities and capabilities we have evolved then use them to make machines that we use perform better, but to our benefit only. The reliance on AI has to happen with this in mind.

We have to always pull the machine along as opposed to "allow" it to help us move faster, least of all make it the part in us that enhances the process, and know the difference between all of this ...

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Monday, 26 March 2018

How to Prevent Hearing Loss By Directed Energies and Restore Some of the Hearing Lost as Well as Cope Under Constant Ultrasound Fire

Hearing aid

Yesterday I came across a post by a lady purporting to be a TI under intense attack. She said she had been experiencing what sounded like sonic assaults that she nonetheless described as microwave attacks, which is a common mistake TIs make because it is almost impossible to know the difference, unless one has detection equipment that allows for such ascertaining.

The lady made it clear her hearing had been impaired. She had purchased a $5000 hearing aid to be able to hear at all.

In her post to a TI group, she describes the experience as akin to perps turning her head into a punching bag.

I made a response to her post in which I advised her to do a number of things to protect herself from the various attacks she may have been under with the capacity to cause the symptoms she was experiencing and possibly restore some (not all) of the hearing she had lost.

The response was pretty well formulated but, because her post got deleted, which is not unusual when the content of a post or a response to it is too informative for the likes of the people who run the hate crime program to allow targets to be exposed to, I cannot share it below. What I will do instead is to try to paraphrase it as much as is possible because I feel the info I relayed in the response is something targets are better off knowing about. I suspect that this is the main reason the post was deleted. Keeping targets doing the wrong things is part of how we are kept under.

I have added to the text details that I did not in the original as I see fit:

I think you need to start protecting yourself from attacks first otherwise you will eventually become deaf, and maybe even blind because your eyes are also in the line of fire. As long as they know and maybe have been ordered to destroy you, they will not stop until that is achieved. Forget running. They will follow you wherever you go or hand the task over to others where you go.

Faraday cage available at Holland Shielding. Click on image to go there ...

The first thing you need to do is buy yourself an effective faraday cage. This should significantly reduce the radio frequency attack you are exposed to.

Note: stay away from people trying to convince you faraday cages do not work. They are either disinfo agents or perps, which is the same. There are others who are honestly attempting to figure out how to get the best out of faraday cages by doing away with some vulnerabilities. These people are your friends. Follow proper use guidelines that you can get at Holland Shielding if you pose as a scientist trying to protect radio equipment from RF exposure.

Considering the fact you are able to afford a hearing aid costing in the region of $5000, hopefully not via insurance but a statement on your financial state, then you can purchase a good faraday cage online. A good source for faraday cages of desired configurations would be Holland Shielding (google).

Rubber mats sold online. Click on image to go to the Amazon shop.

Next you will need to circle the outside of the cage with sound absorbent material. Good sound absorbent material can be bought at local stores especially those selling mats. Rubber mats suitable for wet environments are good sound absorbers and not costly.

Then you will need to invest in ear plugs that you use every time you get into the cage at night. Try to take a break from straining to hear with the aids ... for silence is what your ears really need to repair. Wear the ear plugs as much as possible, even outside the cage ... 24/7 if possible.

The advise I give is a reversal of your current striving to hear as much as possible and this is for a good reason. Apart from the ear drum, your ears have tiny sensors in the form of minute hairs inside that can be damaged by the energy beams but in most probability they are wholesome in you. What you are suffering might be nerve damage or can best be explained by looking at what another sense of the body does when overburdened with feedback from the element it is designed to perceive.

The human eye copes with an over-abundance of light by reducing the aperture of the iris. The ear also does the same albeit in relation to sound using a different mechanism. When the environment gets quieter, the ear should increase sensitivity so that it can hear more. What I believe you are doing is worsening the situation because, instead of allowing the ear to increase sensitivity to sound, you are forcing it to decrease it by forcing more sound into it.

I reach this conclusion out of a conviction what you are experiencing are sonic assaults as only those have the capacity to both damage tissue (the blows to your head effect you describe) as well as overload the ears with sound and impair or cause hearing loss.