Sunday, 27 November 2016

A simplistic but viable explanation of why the illuminati torture their own

Example of a Youtube video exposing the ways of the illuminati

You have probably heard of the sex rituals that characterise the lives of such like the illuminati, and if you have not, then a simple search on Youtube using the "illuminati" and "sex ritual" as the main search terms will lead you to a wealth of resources on this issue.

The question that will linger on your mind when the verity of the accounts becomes obvious is ... Why? What do they do it for?

Here's what I think ...

It is a fact that the #illuminati routinely rape their own children, or give them over to their pets to sexually molest. This ... is kind of like instilling a camp mentality in them, the brutal way, making them stand outside the flow of time of the rest of us ... At an advantage ...

You would know what I mean if you have joined a #brigade group, the #army, #cadets, #scouts, and been isolated from society for a while then put back into it.

It is that feeling of being at a vantage point that develops upon reentry into civilised society that the #illuminati want to instill in their group by treating each other unlike the rest of us do that keeps them ahead on everyone, and there's more.

By intense abuse that normally also entails isolation, the illuminati ensure that their members see what the rest of us do not when they get back into normal sodiety and, because it is extreme and permanent, they ensure that their members keep the mentality for life, unlike is the case with cadets and the like.

This way, they can keep control over the rest of us because, they are like a different species in our midst, like aliens who see what we do not, and this that they see that we do not is a factor crucial to our enslavement.

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Mukazo Vunda said...

That's why they are calling us stupid all the time, and treating us as such. Observe how they fish out space age passports of terrorists, in perfect condition, at each scene of an attack. They do it again and again because they are sure we are stupid and could not possibly guess the game.